Come in today and experience the difference at Mrs. R’s Laundry Room today!

mrsrIn 1955, when American Bandstand was the hottest show on television and the Twist was the dance of the decade, there was Mrs. R. Your modern day superwoman, Mrs. R would be spinning laundry in her washing machine and then fluffing her clothes out to dry. There wasn’t a day that would pass where Mrs. R wouldn’t be caught spending hours in her Laundry Room. She believed in putting in a hard day’s work at the Laundry Room to keep her family’s clothes and linens freshly cleaned and folded neatly. Mrs. R knew that looking good meant feeling good and she wanted nothing but the best for her family.

Fast forward 65 years to the year 2015 where everyone has smartphones, the internet can answer any question you have and everything is becoming a “do it yourself” (DIY) task. Mrs. R’s is still here with modern day equipment but still decorated in the original, retro setting. Mrs. R’s offers you the convenience of self-service laundry facilities with modern equipment that will save you time and money.

The washing machines provided at Mrs. R’s are 20, 40 and 60 pound machines. Give one of these a spin and see how quickly a week’s worth of laundry can be washed using our facility. After that, dry your clothes in one of our 200 G-Force 35 or 45 pound dryers. These industrial size machines are here to help you save even more time and money. Just another added benefit for using Mrs. R’s laundry room.

Do you not have the time or patience to use our facilities? Don’t worry we have a solution for that as well. Allow Mrs. R to launder your items with the same respect and manner she used to launder her own families. Mrs. R’s Laundry Room offers wash, dry and fold services with availability to have it done the same day. Please contact us to inquire about our personal laundry service.